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Home Exterior Paint Prep

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Whether you decide to do the preparation work yourself or have a professional do it as part of your project, proper preparation makes all the difference in creating a smooth and lasting finish. Sure, it adds to your the total time and money spent on your project, but it's certainly worth doing the job right the first time. Otherwise, you'll spend additional time and money down the line on maintenance and repairs. To ensure proper preparation, follow this process before painting your home's exterior (keeping in mind that the process may vary based on exterior materials):

Power wash your home's exterior to remove any dirt, dust, moss and other residue that's built up over the years. It should also remove and loose and chipped paint. Painting professionals will usually have one on-hand to do this. A power washer could damage certain types of siding, so you may need something less pressurized to do the work.

If there are any problems with your siding, painters will repair the loose or broken fascia, siding pieces, trim and soffits beforehand. Remember, this will add to total cost.

After your siding is dried, remove loose paint with a scraper or paint stripper. This process might vary with metal siding, as a scraper could seriously damage it.

Sand siding with a pad sander or sandpaper to remove any rough spots. Don't push down so hard that there are marks left behind. (This will not apply to all types of siding.)

Fill in any holes or dents with caulk or putty. (This will not apply to all types of siding.)

Apply primer to the siding OR apply first coat of paint (This depends on the type of siding.).

Beginning with the prep work and ending with last coat of paint or the finishing, an exterior paint job will last anywhere from one to two weeks. After completion, homeowners using low-quality paint will need to repaint every four or five years to keep it well maintained; homeowners using high-quality paint can go longer without a new coat -- usually about seven or eight years, depending on the type of paint and material. 

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