Vacation days are to be enjoyed, but, in addition, you can also invest a little time in renovating the decoration of your home. As we know that many of you like to give your home a coat of paint at this time of year, we propose a list of fashionable colors for walls. Observe this selection of trends and choose the tonalities that you like the most.

The green is not only tropical

The tropical decoration is one of the most striking trends of the moment. Greens, in these environments, are essential, but interior painting also has some proposals that include different shades of green, inspired by botanical gardens, winter forests or olive tones, such as PANTONE's Lush Meadow, a green which denotes balance without leaving aside its most exotic part.


Also, white is still ideal for those smaller rooms or for those who need more light; and is that this color is able to visually expand the environments. Combine it with the black on the door frames, windows or on the roof beams. As a final touch, use the plants to decorate and bring life to the white walls.

Black, white and gray: colors with which to hit

Black and white never go out of style. The Yin and the Yang of the tonalities. Darkness and light A safe bet for the most classic. Black, for example, can help us highlight the rest of the colors in our decoration. So painting a black wall in the living room, will allow us to later give color to it with pictures or other decorative elements. Although to be trendy, nothing like the tribal accessories, wood and metal, which fit perfectly.

Sky and sea for your bedrooms

If during 2016 the Serenity was fashionable color, now, it is time to bet on your twin Airy Blue, a hue that reminds us of heaven. Light color that gives serenity to the walls, but with a touch of elegance. This blue is very interesting for painting bedrooms.

If you fancy more a blue that remembers the sea, you also have alternatives. Choose an intense blue color, a cold but reassuring tone, which provides the rooms stability, security and also sophistication. In addition, it is perfect to mix it with grays or whites.